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  • Why Local Search is so Important

    Each month there are billions of unique searches done on Google, Yahoo or Bing. More and more of those searches have a local intent and/or they actually use geo-codes like a city, state or zip code to narrow down the search results.

    The leading geo-code expert, Ian White, CEO of Urban Mapping estimates that about 40% of search queries have Local intent including use of a city and/or state or even informal terms like neighborhoods.

    In fact, Google has even stated that the Proportion of Google result pages that show a map in search results are 1 in 13.

    So it’s not too hard to figure then that if Google has stated in the past that almost 8% of the time, their local map shows up in their search results, IF you’re not optimizing for local search, you are missing out on a significant opportunity for your local business to be seen.

    I’ve included the most current search stats from comScore so we can do the math. That’s somewhere between 880,000,000 and 4,400,000,000 opportunities to be seen.

    So that’s why local search is so important!

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    Author: admin on December 30, 2011
    Category: Local Search

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