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  • What are Consumers in your Local Area Searching for?

    New Local Search report from YP.com Local Insights lists Restaurants, Financial and Beauty keywords as the top 3  Local Searches.

    So if you are one of these types of businesses, how well are you ranking for Local Search?

    Local Search Insights: What Are Consumers in Your Local Area


    Learn which business categories and verticals are most popular among mobile searchers, how mobile search compares to online for local searches, and details on local ad click-through rates, from YP.com’s Local Insights

    See how you rank in Local Search, visit http://tx.localrankingreport.com to get your rankings for FREE.


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    What makes up a Local Search Listing

    The Content of a Local Search Listing | SCORE Small Business


    In our post Get Your Small Business Listed on Local Search Engines, we stressed the importance of having a local search listing and provided a tool to discover where you are currently listed, whether you've claimed the

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    Why is Local Search Engine Optimization so Important

    Local Search Engine Optimisation – The Small Business Advantage


    local search engine optimisation With Google opening the doors of its social platform Google+ to small business owners across the world with Google+ local it is now more apparent than ever that targeted local search engine

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    How to use Local Search Marketing in your Local Business and Dominate your Local Market using Local Search Optimization

    Still not clear about

    What is Local Search

    – Check out some great articles on how to start using Local Search for your local business.

    What you need to know about Local Search


    In many ways, Local search is the same as traditional search. Each search has a different set of intents and needs, and search engines use various signals to try to match the best results for that intent. Location is

    5 Easy Steps to use Local Search Optimization to Dominate your Local Market.

    Geographic SEO: How To Dominate Local Search Organically


    For many small or local businesses, geographic boundaries play a factor on the customers they can serve. So, to ensure your business is reaching the right.;

    Local Search Recommended Reading

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    What is Local Search ?

    What is Local Search – Definition

    Local search is when a buyer uses geographically constrained searches to get local results that are relevant to their local area based on a structured database of local business listings developed by the 3 major search engines.

    Normal local searches include “WHAT” the user is searching for such as keywords or a business category and “WHERE” information, like the city name, zipcode, or even your IP address location which can be tracked by the search engines to determine your locale.

    What is Local Search – Example

    A search that includes a location modifier, such as “Fort Worth” or “zipcode”, is an explicit local search.  Examples of local searches include “pest control 76137“, “Keller restaurants“, “doggy daycare Flower Mound” and “emergency plumber Mansfield, Tx“.  Local searches exhibit explicit or implicit local intent and typically will produce search results with a corresponding map.

    A search that references a product or service that is typically consumed locally, such as “dry cleaners” or “restaurant”, is an implicit local search.  Therefore, it is extremely important to claim your Google Places page and/or your Yahoo Local / Bing Local pages.  For best results, you will need to do local search optimization.

    To See Your Local Search rankings, visit TX.localrankingreport.com to get your rankings for FREE.

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    Top 25 Directories For Building Local Search Citations

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    What are Local Search Citations?

    No, Local Search Citations are not quotations from or a reference to a book or author.

    Citations instead are directory type web pages that have your company information listed on them.  Google, Bing & Yahoo crawl these directories when they are searching the web for new content and when they find information that matches your business name, address and phone number (NAP), the search engines consider those to be citations and will sometimes add that info to the bottom of your Google Places page or Yahoo Local page.

    The more Local Search Citations that can be found for your business, the more relevant you appear to Google’s algorithm.   So you want to have as many citations for your business as possible and you want each listing to match up exactly to your Google Places page according to your NAP (Name, Address, Phone).

    Adding a listing to these online directories can be very time consuming; however, it is highly recommended because you will have more relevance in the search engines algorithms.  Click here for our Top 25 recommended Local Search Citation Directories!

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    Why Local Search is so Important

    Each month there are billions of unique searches done on Google, Yahoo or Bing. More and more of those searches have a local intent and/or they actually use geo-codes like a city, state or zip code to narrow down the search results.

    The leading geo-code expert, Ian White, CEO of Urban Mapping estimates that about 40% of search queries have Local intent including use of a city and/or state or even informal terms like neighborhoods.

    In fact, Google has even stated that the Proportion of Google result pages that show a map in search results are 1 in 13.

    So it’s not too hard to figure then that if Google has stated in the past that almost 8% of the time, their local map shows up in their search results, IF you’re not optimizing for local search, you are missing out on a significant opportunity for your local business to be seen.

    I’ve included the most current search stats from comScore so we can do the math. That’s somewhere between 880,000,000 and 4,400,000,000 opportunities to be seen.

    So that’s why local search is so important!

    PS. Please tell us what you think of our Local Search Wiki!

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    The Top 33 Local Search Terms


    Search for...

    In a recent blog article on Cliconomics.com written by Jared Croslow, keyword research was done for the top 5 cities in the U.S. for local keywords searched with a geo code.

    Based on this keyword research, the top local searches were:

    1. Hotels
    2. Restaurants
    3. Nightlife
    4. Shopping
    5. Bars
    6. Taxis
    7. Newspaper
    8. Limousine
    9. Dentist
    10. Injury Attorney
    11. Real Estate
    12. Cosmetic Dentist
    13. Plumbing
    14. Criminal Lawyer
    15. Plumber
    16. Accident Lawyer
    17. Electrical Contractor
    18. Lawyers
    19. Nightclubs
    20. Remodeling Contractors
    21. Implant Dentist
    22. Electrician
    23. Attorney
    24. HVAC
    25. Teeth Whitening
    26. Roofer
    27. Flooring
    28. Car rental
    29. Painter
    30. Heating
    31. Locks
    32. Furniture
    33. Web Design
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    If You’re Not Thinking Local, You May Be Losing Clicks

    Google caters much more to location-based search and local business search than ever before, and that trend is likely to continue. Don’t let your local business get left behind. Stake your local claim on google before your competition does and get a head start on building your local search advantage.

    Here is a great article from WebProNews that covers the question of “Is Ranking Number One in Google Losing Its Significance?”

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    Local Search