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  • How does Social Networking impact Google’s search results?

    Google recently confirmed that social networking has an impact on their search results.

    Matt Cutts, who implemented Google’s webmaster guidelines and crack down on link spam, said in the Spring of last year that Google’s search algorithms did not take into account social networking elements when determining the search results for a website. However, that has all now changed.

    What does that mean? Simple: If you do not have a social media strategy in place, your website/business may lose relevance in terms of search results. So social media will have a major impact upon how SEO is done in the future.

    Google has indicated that this does not mean that the more followers a business has on Twitter or Facebook, the higher it will ranked in search results; instead, the social reputation of followers will be factored in to determine search outcomes.

    How it all works is not clear as we are still studying the new patterns; but, one obvious key to success is to have your followers ‘re-tweet’ your Twitter posts.

    Author: admin on January 3, 2011
    Category: Local Search
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