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  • 2014 Bright Local Consumer Review Survey Key Findings

    Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 – BrightLocal

    http://www.brightlocal.com15 Dec 2014

    Understand how online reviews influence the opinions & purchasing behaviour of consumers when selecting which local businesses to use.

    Key Findings:

    57% have searched online for a local business more than 6 times / year
    39% have searched online for local businesses at least 1 time per month
    15% have searched online for a local business almost every day


    The majority of consumers (57%) have searched online for a local business more than 6 times in the last year – that’s at least every other month. This is slightly up on 2013 – 56%.

    Most significantly there is a 8% jump in the number of respondents who go online to find a business multiple times each week (7% to 15%) which points to more habitual use of the internet to find a local business.

    Consumers are becoming more comfortable using the internet to find businesses on both PC & mobile. There are more & better services for locating businesses which make it faster, easier & better for consumers. It’s habit forming and they start to use it with increasing regularity.

    Part of this growth can be attributed to more local businesses building & improving their online presence. Local data is more abundant & increasingly accurate which delivers better experience for consumers – i.e. they have a great selection of businesses to consider with lots of information to make in informed decision.

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